05Jun 2015

10 Quick Tips On Making LinkedIn Work For You

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LinkedIn now boasts over 360 million active users.  It’s the professional networking site every business owner should be on.  The basic functionality of LinkedIn allows users to create profiles and connect with each other online in a professional capacity.  So how do you get the most out of it?

10 quick tips on making LinkedIn for you

Your public LinkedIn profile is where first impressions count.

It’s like any social media channel, you get out what you put in, however there are a few basics you can do to really help get you going:

  1. Your Name – sounds obvious, I know!  Keep it simple and clutter free.  Use your personal name, not your company.  This is about you.
  2. Picture – a simple head shot.  This is after all a professional networking site and people want to see who they are dealing with.  Don’t put your logo there and SMILE!
  3. Professional Headline – you have 120 characters, so it’s important you choose good strong keywords.
  4. Summary – You have 2,000 characters to tell people who you are and what you do.  I suggest writing this in the first person and letting your personality shine.
  5. Experience – spend some time getting this right.  Ensure you put all your experience as this adds credibility and tells someone viewing your profile exactly what you are all about.
  6. Recommendations – take time to get your most valued clients, colleagues and suppliers to write a recommendation for you.  Again, adds credibility and will demonstrate your work ethic.
  7. Public profile – this is the URL LinkedIn give you, however, I suggest you change it so it is just your name and get it before anyone else takes it.  So for example, my public profile is https://uk.linkedin.com/in/janinebeattie
  8. Create your Company page – again adds to your credibility.  LinkedIn only allows you to create a company page if you have an email associated with the domain – you can’t set up a company page using Gmail or Hotmail for example.
  9. Publish content – be active, publish blogs, share useful articles and comment – after all it is social
  10. Join relevant groups  – groups that are relevant to your industry, search them out and join in the discussion.

These little things are important, and remember – LinkedIn is a search engine too so people will be searching for your business over on LinkedIn.

Female Business Hub LinkedIn

Add your Company page to LinkedIn adds to your credibility.

The Female Business Hub is over on LinkedIn, why not join us here?  Both Jess and I would love to connect with you too over on our personal LinkedIn pages, so feel free to reach out… Jess is here and I am here.

Live, love and laugh – and get connecting





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